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Success Stories

I’d rather come to Sylvan than go to school.

My son, James, has struggled with reading for most of his life. After 2 months at Sylvan he was reading to me aloud a passage from his game guide. He read it perfectly without hesitation. I remembered that prior to his tutoring when he tried to read the same chapter he struggled. I was amazed at how much he progressed in such a short time.

- Kathy Allan

Sylvan gets an “A”

The Fall Semester grades are in, and I give Sylvan Learning Centers an A as that is what my seventh grade daughter received in math after studying with Sylvan this past summer. Before Sylvan she would tell people that she didn’t like math because, ” I just can’t get it. It’s my worst subject.” Over the summer, Lydia spent about 40 hours working through her math. The surprise was that she enjoyed it! She liked her instructors as well as the one or two other students working at the same table. Her post assessment test went well, but I was still concerned that in a regular classroom she would again forget the concepts she learned yesterday.
However, as I noted that grades are in! She received an A in pre-algebra at her new school. She had the fifth best percentage grade out of 28 students there. She now brags a bit about her math skills, and is no longer afraid to work through difficult problems. She seldom asks for help from me because Sylvan has given her the tools to succeed.

- Sandra Stockar

My “Aha!” Moment

My son John had been going to Sylvan for just over one month for help with his geometry class. I was fixing dinner in the kitchen when he got home from baseball practice. I asked him about his day and school and practice. He smiled and said ” Look, Mom!” and held up his cell phone screen. On it was a picture of a math paper with 7 out of 8 right on it. “What’s that?” I asked. ” That is the score I got on my geometry quiz! That is a B” he said. He was so proud of his score, and I was so proud of him!

- Nancy Oberholtzer

Former Student Testimonial

I did not know very much about Sylvan before attending. My mom was very concerned about my study skill habits, which lead her to call Sylvan. The first day I started, I was nervous and felt as though I was starting a new school. I felt very comfortable after the first hour when I was surprisingly presented with the New Student of The Day award and was given a T-Shirt. I then felt very comfortable with Sylvan and progressed in my studies. I was a student at Sylvan for over a year and now I currently working for Sylvan as a Teacher’s Assistant. I enjoyed it so much at Sylvan that I decided to stay.

- Janelle Hunter

Advanced Reading Success, A Reflection…

My name is Lianne Fitzgerald and I am a sophomore in college and over winter break I took a crash course at Sylvan Learning Center. I learned study skills, reading comprehension, and how to increase my words per minute. The nine day course was extremely helpful and I feel prepared to go back to school on a fresh start. During the class we also did reading that pertained to a class that I will be taking this upcoming semester. After being taught how to take accurate and efficient notes, I was then tested. My test scores increased and I felt that I retained information better than before. I felt welcome and secure at Sylvan and my teacher did an excellent job pertaining to my specific needs. I would highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to better prepare themselves and save study time in the end.

- Lianne Fitzgerald

Aaron’s Success in Reading

I want to thank all the wonderful people at Sylvan for all their help and to the great teachers who have helped my son, Aaron, with his reading. On January 8, 2010 I was told by Aaron’s teacher that he might be retained another year in 2nd grade because he was reading below grade level and had problems with blending in phonics. To be honest, at first I was not sure if I was doing the right thing in sending Aaron to Sylvan. I didn’t know if it was going to help Aaron with his reading.

About a month into attending Sylvan, Aaron informed me that he wanted to stay 2 hours a day instead of 1. I couldn’t believe it. Not once did he complain about going to Sylvan. In fact he always looked forward to his “Sylvan Days”. I started noticing a big difference in his read. Then I received a note from his teacher stating that Aaron’s fluency increased.

Last week he received an award for “The Most Improved in Reading” and the teacher informed me he was not in jeopardy of being retained. In fact his report card was all 3′s and 4′s!

Once again, I thank everyone at Sylvan for all their help and support they have given Aaron with his reading and building his confidence.

- Margarida Kolomvotos